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We do Creative Solutions

PicSapien is your ultimate solution to graphic and creative consultation and content creation.

Whether in-studio or outsourced to our network of creative profesionals, we make it our responsibility to solve your creative needs.

We do draw

Our field of expertise lies in illustration. Whether scientific, educational, children’s book illustration, architectural or purely for your enjoyment… we draw… alot.

(And when we don’t draw we are dreaming about drawing)

Conceptual Drawing

Helping clients visualise their dreams is a large part of our business, if you can think it, we can draw it! Our professional presentations ensures that our imagery translates effectively to ease your planning process.

Corporate Design

We pride ourselves in creating neat and clean corporate identities which translates over all forms of media and reproductionl; and cater for all the states of business, from startups to corporate giants.


Whether your need is teaching material with scientifically acurate illustrations, mechanical instructions, facilitation materials or edutainment, step by step visual guidelines or comics, we do it all.


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PicSapien illustration & design

This is us…


Landowner &

World Dominator

Bent on ruling, Chippie sees to the order of things at the studio, no dog left unturned.

Sometimes she lets me keep her stomach warm by sleeping on my lap.

Big Dawg

Head of Security &

Derpy Eater of Leftovers

He chews things and is a little smelly…
but we love him because he is big and derpy.

Purdy Dawg

Office Hotty &

Loveable secretary

At least she is pretty, and fluffy and pretty fluffy…

and looks after sub-contractors, interns and apprentices.

Karel Swanepoel

The guy who does most of the work and feeds everyone…

Boss guy who loves drawing, creating cool stuff and making people happy.